Permanent Makeup is Not Just A Trend, But A Booming Business


If you’ve been paying attention to the recent beauty trends, we’re sure you’ve caught wind of the obsession of brows in the past two years or so. The haunting thought of thin, over-plucked eyebrows are now of the past, much to our gratitude because let’s face it, the 90’s were rough for some of us. Fret not, the beauty industry always comes through and gifted us with a “life-changing” procedure called micropigmentation or permanent makeup.

Without a doubt, Beauty Gurus from YouTube to Instagram have raved about the results they’ve received boosting the popularity of the micropigmentation technique more. A simple search on Instagram and you’re bound to see millions of users’ pics and hashtags about the procedure. Can you blame them? This has changed the game. No more days of eyebrows looking like distant cousins or looking like their not even related. But not only does it correct brows, it can shape and define lips, correct the appearance of asymmetrical and fullness of them, correct hairlines, and even provide smudge-proof eyeliner. Yes, you read that right! Smudge-proof liner. This is not a drill ladies!

Now, permanent makeup has been around since the 80’s but as history has shown us time and time again, the evolution of this technique has been mastered and then remastered by Nouveau Contour. Reputable businesses and one of our current Partners like PermaLine Cosmetics in New York use our Nouveau Contour innovative devices to achieve all of their flawless looks. They are less abrasive than the former days of tattoo makeup and Nouveau Contour’s devices like the IQ and Intelligent use small, thin needles with a hypoallergenic mineral pigment to push into the second layer of your skin. In 30 minutes or less, your clients can be out the door and look fabulous, might we add. From time to time, a return visit is needed for touch-ups but the results can last for 2 years!

Which brings us to the most important part of it all, if you want to expand your knowledge or business, make sure you train with a highly recommended Academy to avoid giving your clients a botched look.

Need more info? Check out Nouveau Contour’s FAQ section on our website.

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