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Devices Used to Achieve Everlasting Beauty

It is every woman’s dream to automatically look and feel beautiful when she wakes up in the morning. In an ideal world, that would be possible. However, in the real world, women have to get up hours before they have to leave for work to do go through their beauty routine to look and feel beautiful. With advancing technology, women’s morning beauty routine can be significantly reduced with permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is applied via a process called “micropigmentation”. Micropigmentation can simply be explained as tattooing permanent makeup pigment into the skin. Micropigmentation can be used to create permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. It can also be used for medical reasons such as creating an areola after breast reconstruction, covering minor scars, and covering bald spots due to alopecia or trichotillomania. This aesthetic procedure could not be done without the state-of-the-art devices to perform it.

iQ Device 1. iQ Device

This new device is the epitome of modern micropigmentation technology. The design is the key to the superior function of the device. The stainless steel cover and sleek touch screen assure sterile and efficient function.This device is so efficient that it can perform 50-150 clear-cut needle penetrations per second. This feature makes it ideal for usage to perform micropigmentation for medical needs such as areola reconstruction, scar concealment, and pigmentation of the skin. Another feature of the device that makes it efficient is there are four different treatment settings for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip pigmentation, and skin pigmentation. There is no need for the practitioner to set the needle frequency or pressure because the iQ device does it itself.

During the micropigmentation procedure, the iQ device constantly adjusts the needle frequency and pressure according to the skin resistance. The practitioner is completely cognizant of everything the iQ device is doing by the LCD touch screen, which shows the selected treatment being performed and needle speed. There is also no need for the practitioner to watch the clock because the time registration feature keeps track of the exact time for him/her.

A feature of the iQ device that contributes to it being a quality device is the Safety hand piece, which is made of die aluminum to make it easy to work with. What makes the Safety hand piece so distinctive is the Safety Needle Cartridge and the “Easy-Turn Depth” system. The “Easy-Turn Depth” system enables the practitioner to set the needle depth to just fractions of millimeters by merely turning the ring on the Safety hand piece.The iQ device’s efficient and convenient capabilities and features show that this device definitely has a high iQ.



2. The Intelligent

The Intelligent device may not have the iQ of the iQ device. However, it certainly meets the standards of an archetypal intelligent micropigmentation device because it is the world’s first micropigmentation device that is run by a computer system. This device is run by an Intel microprocessor chip, which enables The Intelligent to have four different treatment selections and to calculate the necessary needle frequency to achieve superior pigmentation. The Intelligent can have a needle frequency from 50-180 needle penetrations per second, making it the most powerful revolving device. Like the iQ, The Intelligent also has the feature of the LCD screen to inform the practitioner of the needle speed, needle frequency, and selected treatment selection. It also contains the revolutionary Safety hand piece feature. The Intelligent is destined to the practitioner’s smart best friend.


Permanent Makeup Nouveau Contour USA

3. The Simplicity
Sometimes, simplicity is all that is necessary. The Simplicity device offers the efficient, state-of-the-art micropigmentation technology in a portable micropigmentation device. It is destined to become the sidekick of a traveling-practitioner. Though it is not as complex, it still delivers optimal results with its safety needles and sophisticated features. The portable design and removable power cords contribute to the ideal storage and travel of this device. Additional power cords can be purchased when needed. The Simplicity is proof that complexity does not correlate with quality.


Digital 1000

4. The Digital 1000

The Digital 1000 device is essential for a busy practice. A major distinctive feature of the Digital 1000 is that it delivers superior results in a fraction of the time. The needle frequency adjusts according to the skin resistance, but remains stable. The highest needle penetration is 150 penetrations per second. This device is also convenient to clean with its “soft touch” buttons. This device also contains the revolutionary Safety hand piece. The Digital 1000 is truly an asset for the business of a micropigmentation practice due to its speed and delivery of superior results.

Just as it is every woman’s dream to feel and look beautiful as soon as she wakes up every morning, it is every practitioner and micropigmentation business’ dream to make that dream come true for a woman. Making women’s dreams come true will help them create a successful business. These devices Nouveau Contour Masters in Micropigmentation will make women’s, practitioner, and micropigmentation business’ dream come true.

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